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PRN-GROUP is a group of companies  of which the relation is a logical link around a steel processing company. To produce near to our customers and also in the relatively expensive business climate of Western Europe. A challenge , however, is the vision to set up the production process with passion, flexibility, customisation and quality. To position our product with knowledge, fast and efficient.

Our mission is, from our Christian point of view, to fulfil our employership from the belief that society is not feasible but given from the Creator with taking accountability and choices in our daily work.
A synergy from a geographical, product and automation point of view in a manufacturing environment with steel has been realized between the  following companies.

PROFIELNORM  as  production facility in the Netherlands for the Middle of Europe.
John Scott Works as production facility in the UK.
ProAutNorm as the IT specialist and the interconnecting  of processes within a production environment.
ProHalNorm for small industrial buildings
PROFIELNORM- EAST for sales and service Eastern Europe

Our investments are aimed at a stable group of companies with a synergy for the whole group.

The organisation has a central management structure with a CEO for all of the group and management teams for each company. Besides there is an Advisory Board with experienced industrial people to make weighed strategic decisions.

The organisation is a family business and the CEO of the first generation is Jos C. Schot (1964). The intended successor is M.Schot who is currently the managing Director of John Scott Works. Other family members fulfil various functions within the group with their respective talents.